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Although 80% of teenagers suffer from acne, it can strike at any age. Doctors call it acne vulgaris.

Causes of acne

In case when teenagers and pregnant women suffer from pimples causes of acne can be hormonal changes. Acne in adolescence is triggered by the male hormone testosterone, which is present in the body to support growth. So testosterone can have over-stimulating effect on the sebaceous glands in the face, which leads to blockage of pores, blemishes and blackheads.
However, in later life causes of acne can exacerbated by problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. Also genetic or certain food (such as junk feeds) can contribute to trigger the pimples on the face and the body, such as jawline acne, chest acne or back acne.
What causes pimples is also if you put anything irritating on your skin, intentionally or not. It can generate an inflammatory reaction that pops up as one pimple – or a few.

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Types of acne

There are two types of acne: comedonal (blackheads or whiteheads) and inflammatory (pimples). Dermatologists diagnose acne as mild, moderate and severe.

Remedies for acne

Anyone with skin type prone to acne should seek the advice of the doctor. There is plenty of medical help available for this often painful and struggling condition. These include laser skin treatments and medication. So, if you have acne, please, go to your doctor, there’s no reason for you to suffer!
At first doctor will try to use what they call gold standard methods such as topical and systemic medications. And if they don’t provide the desired result, the doctor can try more revolutionary technologies such as laser treatments or chemical peels. But just know that every acne condition is as unique as the patient who suffers from it, and doctor will use individual acne treatment – often by combining several therapies.
The newest topical acne products work pretty well. Here are some names for you of a very good topical acne treatments:
– Adapalene
– BenzaClin
– Benzoyl Peroxide
– Azelex
– Benzamycin
– Tazorac
From systemic medications for acne all acne patients take antibiotics and a vitamin A orally, as well as applying them topically.

Laser and light treatments for acne

Laser treatments for acne has been prove a high effectiveness. A v-beam laser (which is made to target blood vessels) and intense pulsed light treatments both act by killing off the bacteria, shrinking the sebaceous glands and reducing the number of inflammatory in the follicle.
The same photodynamic therapy (PDT) can be also very effective in killing acnes bacteria and treating inflammatory acne.
These therapies maybe the solution to eliminate your problem once and for all. Through the use of modern laser technology combine with photodynamic therapy you will be able safely and effectively treat mild, moderate and inflammatory acne, even cystic acne. During the procedure specialized lasers are used to target the bacteria that are infecting your follicles, eliminating the infection without the need of antibiotics and medications. For the severest cases like cystic acne aminolevulinic acid is been used in conjunction with the lasers and special blue light, which activates the acid and causes a chemical reaction that destroys the illuminated bacteria and shrinks oil glands.
Tip: But just know that many doctors have only one laser, so they have no choice but to use it, whether or not it’s the most effective one for the job at hand. So, please, ask your doctor a few questions before getting any laser treatment, such as: What about trying PDT, or is a chemical peel better for treating this? Will it take many more treatments to see improvements?

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Oxylight and Dermawand Home Frequency tool

These two home frequency tools are both work in the same way. Oxylight or Dermawand are not just help to clean your skin from bacteria and as a result clear from pimples, but also beautifies your face in many ways. When you touch it to the skin Dermawand start to respond. You should know that in 1 second Dermawand or Oxylight transfers up to 168,000 soothing micro-pulses to your skin surface. This is 10 million cycles per minute. Sure you know how important massage is and how greatly it improves the skin by helping circulation bring oxygen, blood and most valuable nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Also Dermawand or Oxylight impulses produce some heating effect and high frequency micropulses give an enriched oxygen. Oxygen feeds the skin, helps face cream to go deeper inside and also it’s a wonderful cleanser! It kills all the bacteria on the surface of the skin. It also tightens pores and help to clean blackheads which are often accompany acne. So, we can assure you that by using this machine twice a day for about 10 minutes you will start noticing the effect in less than two days! You will love the results and by continuing using this high frequency tool you’ll clear up your skin and will be able to maintain it in this beautiful way forever.

Home acne remedies

If you decide to treat acne at home, don’t get tempted to pop up your pimples because it will only lead to both an infection and scarring. You should wash your face with a mild cleanser morning and night, but don’t scrub at your skin – infected areas should be treat especially gently. Steer clear products that contain alcohol as it make matters worse by encouraging further oil production. The herb comfrey often is used in natural acne treatments because of it’s skin-healing properties.

Get yourself one of the high frequency machine such as Dermawand or Oxylight.

Proactive Solution has become the best-selling acne line in the world because it really works! The system works by simplifying treatment ingredients (primary benzoyl peroxide and sulfur). It was created by two dermatologists who understood all the importance of successful acne treatment. But some people have noticed that after a while Proactive stops working. It happens because the P. acnes bacteria become resistant to the medication. For this reason, you have to keep changing your mode of attack. And this is one reason why acne is such a big business: each person’s acne changes, and treatments have to be rotated accordingly.

So, we are hoping that we have helped you to understand the acne better now and that you will start using our suggestions and saying no no acne!

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