Home remedies.If you have acne on back and shoulders here is a great acne treatment from home remedies that you can use. You will need sea salt, buy it at the pharmacy store. Remember, you need pure sea salt with no dyes and perfumes added, so, please check carefully that you get natural sea salt with no additives.

Fill up bathtub with warm, close to hot water for about 8 inches. Add and dilute sea salt in the water (make sure all crystals are dissolved), and take the bath for 10-20 minutes. You need to lie down so your acne on back and shoulders are completely covered. Just know you might feel some pinching on the skin, this is normal cause of sea salt minerals.

If you want to know how to get clear skin, get rid of acne, use this home acne remedies every night before you go to bed. Also, remember once you get out of the bath, do not wipe your body with a towel, just slightly pat your skin with a towel, this way you will not spread germs around.