How to lose weight by summer 2012

How to lose weight by summer 2012

Set your mind up
One important point which often gets overlooked is that you need to have good friend of mind, you need to set yourself up to succeed and not fell. First of all, surround yourself with people who are going to support you all the way and be there for you, but also someone who is going to tell you just what you want to hear. You need someone who will be honest with you, who can tell you, “Yes, I’ve noticed you have lost a couple of pounds” or “I think you have been gain some weight. What’s going on? Can I help you?” So, to surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you and also be truthful is going to be a huge help for you on the way to lose weight.
Also, it is so important that you set yourself mind up for losing weight for a right reason. If you do it for health for example. And don’t put an extra pressure of trying to go extreme like lose 20 pounds over the month. As soon as you do that you automatically are going to fail because it’s going to be so hard for you to keep up with that extreme you set up for yourself. It’s better to do lifestyle changes gradually, then you have time to get used to the new way of living.

How to lose fat. Lose weight
How to lose fat. Lose weight

How do i lose weight ?

Exercise Routine
For your workout routine you should do cardio 5 times a week and weight training at least 3 times a week. It what recommended by doctors and fitness instructors. You can have a couple of days free to yourself. Choose classes you like in your fitness club like zumba, bicycling or aerobic classes – anything that you’d like. Make sure you find something that you really enjoy, because if you don’t enjoy the process you are not going to stick with it. You need to get at least a half an hour to 45 minutes of cardio each session. It is also great to work with the fitness trainer who can help you with straightening and toning. Maybe it seems not practical to a lot of people but you should lift a weight at least three times a week, so make sure you can work with someone who can explain you how to do it in a right way so you don’t injure yourself. Perform exercises that help burn calories all day. So, even after you finish workout you are still burning calories to the rest of the day. It keeps your metabolism up. Here the fitness instructor will help you to find right exercises for that. Ask him to show you some great anaerobic exercises because they increase the percentage of calories and fat burning and raise your metabolic rate, which helps you burn off even more calories when you’re at rest.
Before starting any moderate to intense physical activity, it’s good idea to warm up your muscles. If you’re in gym, the most obvious method of warming up is stepping on the treadmill. Others prefer to pedal an upright exercises bicycle or a recumbent exercise bike, which is easier on the back than traditional upright bikes. A more anaerobic way to warm up is by using a rebounder (mini-trampoline).
So, we can say that by doing cardio half an hour to forty five minutes five times a week and weight training three times a week you will definitely lose lots of weight, start looking healthier and feel stronger!

How to lose weight fast. How to lose fat. Lose weight
How to lose weight fast. How to lose fat. Lose weight

Go nutrition means much beyond just eliminating a sugar. Many people knows that by eliminating the sugar in the diet you can achieve a success in weight loss. This should be your first step. The second step is eliminate the processed food in your diet. Here is some examples of the food that someone might be eating thinking that it helping to lose weight but it actually a whole way around. The classic one is a rice cakes. There is nothing in it, they are like an air and all what you are doing is putting processed sugar into your body because even you know you are getting maybe 10 carbohydrates in them there are hardly any nutrients too.
Do you want to know how to burn more fat at the gym without changing your routine? Well, we have an answer for you. Here is a very, very practical solution. Try taking an Omega-3 Fish Oil 45 minutes prior to beginning to your workout. The study has been done and it is found that Omega-3 Fish Oil helps burn more fat when taken 45 minutes before the workout and as a result losing more weight. Omega-3 cod liver oil, an important source of vitamin D and our body needs vitamin D to produce adequate blood levels of insulin. You should take a teaspoon or three capsules.
Tip: Aloe vera juice, available at health food stores, helps with elimination. Try half a glass mixed with a shot of unfiltered apple juice every other morning.
You need to lower the load of “sticky foods”, such as wheat products, which turn to gluten in the gut, and cheese, which slows down intestinal efficiency. And you should greatly increase your intake of vegetables, particularly cabbage and beets. You can roast several beets in the hot oven, peel when coo, and keep them in the fridge so you can slice into salads daily.
But it always good to have some help from science research and here is a great nanotechnology products that will help you on your way to get slimmer:
Nanotechnology miracle drug for weight loss
We know that losing weight can be a huge straggle. But new Nanotechnology miracle drug for weight loss named Fit from Agel can finally help you to win the bottle over the bulge. If you take this miracle drug for weight loss before two meals each day you may increase the effectiveness of your weight control program. That’s because FIT contains an active ingredient called hydroxycitric acid or HCA. Clinical studies have shown that HCA prevents your body from storing unused carbohydras and inhibits fat production. By using FIT as a healthy dietary supplement and by eating less and moving more FIT will be an excellent addition to your successful weight management program.
Weight Loss Patches (Nanotechnology)
This is remarkable new product that helps people just like you to lose weight. It call SP6 weight loss patches of LifeWave company. This weight loss patches been created by revolutionary nanotechnology. They work by intensifying special acupuncture points to balance and control appetite. The effect of it is a natural reduction in sugar cravings and feeling hunger – and all this done without taking any drugs into your body! This SP6 appetite control patches will help you to succeed on your way to lose weight. They are very safe for your health, the product has been tested in many clinical studies.
Fitness Camps
Of course the best way to lose way is to leave it to professionals. If you can afford to sign up with fitness camp in your area where professional fitness instructors, doctors and nutritionist will help you all the way through the learning and succeeding in your goal of losing weight, it will be a real lifetime experience for you! They will help you in many ways, as you already understand it’s not just perform right exercises. Trainers of fitness camp will be there with you every day, teaching you make new gradual changes in your life style, health and wellness coaching, stress management, cooking school and right shopping, so by the end of the camp you will be looking slimmer and younger and know how to stay this way forever!
Weight Loss Resorts & Spa’s
Also try to check any Weight Loss Resorts or Weight Loss Spa in your area. They offer wonderful programs which are also not only will help you to lose 20-30 and more pounds, but will teach you how to live a new healthy life style and never gain weight again. Plus you will meet new people who are just like you trying to lose weight and this is always helps to be with someone who understands you and who has the same goals. And you never know, but you might find your new love there or a great friend!

How do you lose weight
How do you lose weight

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