Secrets about botox

Secrets about botox

Unfortunately, our faces do get some changes over the years and wrinkles are one of the biggest concerns that women face. Many of us find collagen moisturizers really help to plump out. Pharmaceutical companies spend millions on research and production of anti-aging creams. Most of them work great, but some don’t. You should always ask for sample first, and try as many as you can to find one that suits your skin. And here is a little hit for you too: you can borrow from friends or relatives – don’t feel like you have to buy every product in the world.
Botox becomes number one cosmetic procedure in the world in now days. And its supreme popularity is for a very good reason: it really works. Many women do Botox to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles. These treatment must be performed by a qualified doctor and it really do work on reducing wrinkles more dramatically than any cream you will try. Botox, or Botox-like injectable products, work in such a way that they freeze the muscles around wrinkles, so you can see that wrinkles get reduce because the muscles around it aren’t being used. Because Botox smoothes the skin, it also makes slight changes to the face: opening up the eyes, elevating the brows and widening the forehead.
A touch of Botox at the base of the nose gives it a more turned-up appearance, and an injection at the upper lip can bring it down slightly which minimize a gummy smile.
The therapy involves some pain factor because it uses needles, but it is really a small concern should be for you, knowing how much younger you are going to look after it! To reduce some bruising that occurs with any procedure involving needles, you can use herbal remedy Arnica Montana. Topical creams and tinctures can be applied on the bruise itself, and taking homeopathic arnica tablets before the treatment is believed to decrease trauma to the skin.
You should also take in consideration following suggestions. Don’t take a nap or press on any area for 8 hours because you may push the Botox to a different muscle and develop drooping eyelid which you never want to see on your face. And the last thing you’d want to do is have any kind of facial massage afterwards.
The results are usually seen in four to seven days or up to two weeks and it will last for three to nine months.
And you should go on follow-up appointment with your doctor one to two weeks after the procedure to prevent an overly injected, frozen look. Especially if you had your first time injection. The doctor will do some touch ups and can add more if you want it. But remember don’t ask for too much, because once Botox has been injected the muscles are stay paralyzed for months.
Do some research and choose the right and an experienced doctor, because there are possibilities of the ptosis (eyebrow or eyelid droop) and only a an experienced medical professional will know how to ovoid that.

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