Every day woman puts a lot of efforts in order to look attractive: cosmetics, procedures, exercises. We use all of that thinking of great results. But, in fact, sometimes we forget the simplest things that can bring all of our efforts to zero. Let’s discuss here things we often forget which are extremely important to preserve youth and beauty.

You don’t drink enough of water.
Advice to drink enough water probably one of the most known for proper skin care and which is also often not being followed. Our body needs at least 0.5 gal of water a day to remove toxins from the body, partly through the kidneys and partly through the skin. So, start drinking right now!

You have bad habit of squeezing pimples.
Usually we do it unconsciously, when nervous, but for some it’s become a habit that is hard to get rid of. Pimples by itself don’t cause much harm, acne is just temporary cosmetic problem related to different causes. But when we squeeze pimples, we can create a greater problem named scars and scars are hard to get rid of even for professional dermatologist.

You shave hair on your body in wrong direction.
Women who use shaving procedure for removal of body hair, please pay attention to how you shave. Don’t shave the hair against direction of their growth (meaning from bottom and up). This leads to the appearance of ingrown hair, damaged hair follicles and can cause infection under the skin penetration.

You are not using sunscreen while on vacation in the mountain resorts.
Going on vacation to a ski resort, you mistakenly think that you don’t need the sun protection in a cold weather and wind. But in fact, being at high altitudes there much lower layer of atmosphere between you and the sun than in a valley, so actually the UV rays in the mountains are much more damaging for the skin and it hurts more.

You are taking steroids to build muscles.
Some women take steroids just like men do, wishing their body looked defined and sculpted. But in fact, hormonal supplements are known to cause acne even for normal skin, not mentioning the bad effect on the woman’s health.

You care about your skin only in the mornings.
You cleanse your skin with lotion, apply a moisturizing cream on it and do various other procedures that allow you to feel safe from harmful external influences mainly only in the morning. You are a good girl! But then going to work you are completely forgetting that your skin needs care throughout whole day too, not just in the morning. So, try to find time at the lunch break and see if your skin needs additional cleansing or re-apply the cream.

You remove hair on your upper lip with wax.
For such gentle facial skin wax hair removal is a real blow from which is difficult to recover. With this method of hair removal skin gets a lot of micro traumas which eventually will turn into roughness and pigmentation.

You stick to the protein diet.
It’s no secret that the protein diet provides a quick effect to those who wish to lose some weight. However, such a diet deprives your skin of essential nutrients and moisture, which causes skin to age twice as fast. So, please do not forget to include vegetables in your diet , fruits and cereals.

You don’t get enough sleep.
During our sleep the skin is actively engaged in rebuilding work. So, the longer you sleep, the more you have fresh and beautiful looking skin in the morning.

You get a lot of stress.
When you are in stress it shows up in the body through the years in form of heart and blood vessels diseases. Your skin ages quickly too when in stress. Try to do exercises, try yoga or meditation in order to reduce stress and avoid its harmful effects.

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