The secret weapons for your first date. Dating Tips for Women.

The secret weapons for your first date. Dating Tips for Women.
The spring is knocking on the door, we all want something warm, exiting, fresh. Our body chemistry is different, more hormones, fantasies, expectations and anticipations.

Regardless of your age you have had some experience with man which could make you happy, fulfilled, exited or miserable, depressed and confused. Such a life, things are interchangeable, nobody knows what it is going to be like tomorrow for you or him but we will try to give some hints to make a beginning of something new unforgettable for both of you: you will make such an impression on him which will give you great satisfaction even if it lasts just for a duration of the date.


You know your body well and high heels with mini skirt make you a knock out but remember: men nervous system can be very fragile against your uninhibited sexual energy and could be a bit intimidating so we suggest something more milder along with very ease make up, shinning clear eyes and radiant skin. When he is totally smitten by you, which should not take long, you will have more freedom to finish him of …


By the way, it may not be a bad idea to ask your potential victim how he is going to dress to avoid a mismatch of his favorite jeans and your evening dress –somebody will feel funny-for sure!!!


Gorgeous legs can not leave a man indifferent but your hands on the first date could be more important just because he can touch them and   subconsciously may create very strong sexual fetishes. So choose tender colors to make him resist not to swallow yours in his manly one.


Also, do not cross your arms while sitting in front of him. Legs are fine.


The appearance of your hair is crucially important. Free flowing, natural without too much of the curl, funny colors and stuffing, enhancing your facial features rather than covering something up. Playing with it occasionally is normal and will catch his attention especially if you end up dancing and he can feel your perfume. By the way, it is Ok to be the first one to invite him to dance. Do not forget: by this point he can hardly keep his eyes away from you.


The best topic is him, his job, his interests and his toys. That is what man is about so do not be timid to delve into his world but stay away from asking about his salary. Talking about his short and long terms plans will raise you up in his eyes instantly and will give an idea about his potential and ambitions. Also try to touch the subject of marriage and kids but not interrogation style but rather indirectly, bringing up examples of your friends and family you had a discussion with , so you just want to know his opinion .


Be a good listener or, at least pretend, you are. Women are typically talk a lot and every man knows it so surprise him, be unusually patient while he does the talking and do not change the topic till he is done with it even if you are burning with urge to say something smart or important: that may seem so to you but not him.


If you manage to accomplish all of the above he WILL want to see you again feeling you are full of life, natural, sensitive, feminine and very interested in him and that will bring us to talk more of other things soon…..


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