Makeup is Also Aging

If you keep your makeup too long, it means beauty can become a poison. Once the package is opened, it counts towards expiration date.

Perfume and toilet water: due to alcohol-based it usable for five years. So don’t buy wholesale perfume trying to stock up on it till the end of your life. If the perfume starts to leave stains on the clothes, then its place is in the garbage.

Creams and lotions can last up to three years if stored properly. Both are best kept in the refrigerator. Once you feel that the smell has changed, or there was detachment of water, throw it away without an regret. If you can’t do it, use cream for the feet.

Foundation even when stored in the refrigerator can be used for no more than year and a half. When stored at a room temperature it expiration date is three times less. After that, it lies unevenly and may cause irritation to the skin.

Shampoos and shower gels usually serve up to five years due to the high content of the soap.

Eye shadows even in the refrigerator should not be stored longer than six months.

– Cosmetic pencils can serve as long as before they start to break down. It is recommended to sharpen pencils before every use – fewer germs get on your skin.

– Mascara and eyeliner should not be used for more than six months. There are lots of bacteria from the eyelashes that get into the tube and spoil the contents.

– Blush serves about a year. The signal for parting is when its smell has changed.

– Powder can serve up to six years. After that, it will be showered on your face like an old plaster.

– Nail polish can last up to two years. You can dilute it with special diluents without acetone. But after this period, the nail polish will not last for long.