Jealousy in relationships. Are you a jealous person?

Jealousy in relationships. Are you a jealous person?

Men and women have always been jealous throughout all human history. The reasons for jealousy in relationships are different; they go from the fear of losing someone to a sense of ownership the loved one. In the old days happened a lot of cruel actions because of jealousy like duel, various poisoning, or suffocation. And all that happened because of the fear of loss.
Thanks god those times are gone now and our manners has softened, but the feeling of jealousy is still tormented by millions of people. Are you a jealous person? What can you answer?

Jealousy is very tenacious feeling and once someone has it, it is almost impossible to eliminate it. But perhaps a little training would help?  In our time jealousy in relationships is becoming dangerous to our health, and simply indecent.

Of course, in some cases jealousy in relationships has reason to it, but in most cases it appears from scratch and has no reason. Where were you? Who did you talking with? Who do you looking on?

It is quite difficult to give straight answer to the question is jealousy good or not, but the one thing is clear – it makes a destructive impact on the relationships. Therefore it should be understood that jealousy in relationships must be addressed.

Try to think ahead before asking your questions to your loved one. Admit that women often ask some baseless and stupid questions, it’s in our nature. So, try first to think about your question – maybe it is not worst to ask after all? Or perhaps the reason for your jealousy in relationships is in you?

Try to find some fun activities, which will set you a positive mood and distract from the gloomy thoughts. Or maybe you just have a bad mood, which also affect your emotions and “excite” the jealousy in relationships.
It is good idea to talk with your half about your fears and tell him how you feel. Jealousy is a very individual to every person – some will get calm reaction to circumstances, while others simply break out like a match on only one hint at them. Try don’t speak about the matter right the way, but a little later, after a few days, and then tell what specifically you didn’t like.

Remember that true love does not keep a loved one in prison, so first of all love a person you live with, respect him and his personal space and then you will enjoy harmony in the relationship for years to come!

Jealousy in relationships. Are you a jealous person?