Its party season, you and your LBD look fantastic and all you need now is a hot man and a cold glass of Pinot Grigio to keep you company. So, how to be a man magnet and stand out from the equally glamorous crowd? After all, it’s hard enough to get space at the bar at this time of year, let alone be bought a drink. But don’t panic – you just need to keep a few tactical pulling tricks how to be a man magnet! With this in mind, we spoke to a part-time wing woman in USA (who’s paid to help men met women in bars by posing as their platonic friend) and got her reveal these top tips for how to be a man magnet.

“While earning my wings, I learnt a lot of little man magnet tricks that all single girls can use to improve their flirting success,” says Amy. “Just be warned – once you perfect these moves, you might find you become such a powerful man magnet that you attract men everywhere!”

#1 How to be a man magnet: GO OUT IN GROUPS OF THREE

“Larger groups of girls are really tough to approach. Three is a good number because your two friends can keep each other company when a potential date wants to chat with you.”

#2 How to be a man magnet: HOLD A DRINK IN YOUR HAND

“Men don’t want to be used, so they’re often not keen to buy you a drink right off the bat. My clients and I look for the girl who has half a cocktail. That way, if she finishes her drink while chatting with my man, he can offer her another to keep things moving.”

#3 How to be a man magnet: SMILE GENUINELY

“Sounds obvious, right? But I can’t stress it enough – and I can’t believe I ever acted aloof to seem sexier. This is really a gem secret on how to be a man magnet! Women smile naturally all the time (when we’re nervous, when we’re trying to be polite, etc.), but when men want to talk to someone who’s pouting, she looks so unapproachable.”

#4 How to be a man magnet: WORK EYE CONTACT

“To reel him from all the way across the room, tilt your chin downwards a bit and flash him couple of sultry glances. (Men love it when you look up at them, because it makes them feel more masculine.) So, make sure you remember this trick of how to be a man magnet. If the guy across the room is so gorgeous that you have a hard time looking straight at him, try faking it by focusing on the small area between his eyes.”

#5 How to be a man magnet: DON’T IMMEDIATELY ASK WHAT HE DOES

“Some men think that all women are gold diggers and many of my clients hate being asked what their job is. It’s that ‘fear of being used’ thing again. You’re better off saving the, “What do you do? Chat for later in the conversation.”

#6 How to be a man magnet: MAKE POSITIVE SMALL TALK

“After studying women, I couldn’t believe how negative some of us are. Complaints (‘It’s hot here!’), pessimism (‘I’m never going to get to the bar at this rate!’) or bitchy quips (‘Look at that girl’s belt. Oh no, it’s a skirt!’) only poke holes in your ‘fun girl’ aura. Better small-talk topics are recent holidays, favorite bands or hilarious movies. You can hit him with your mood swings at a later date!”

Try our secret tips and ideas on how to be a man magnet and you will see the difference!

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