How to lose weight 

Spring is approaching and every woman wants to look her best and show off a slender figure in her favorite short dress or skinny jeans. It is no secret that over the winter we tend to gain a little weight. This is a kind of defensive reaction to low temperature, when the fat is deposited “in reserve”, playing a role as a source of energy and protection from the cold. But with the coming spring our body begins to rebuild: its produces more hormones which increase metabolism (thyroid hormones, adrenaline, and noradrenaline) and also increases the activity of dissolving fats enzymes. Therefore, to lose weight in spring is much easier for us. And yet, in order not to escalate the situation and avoid the wait until the very last days of winter, feverishly looking for quick ways to lose weight, it is best to take care of our appearance in advance. We offer you some very effective and simple tips to help you to lose weight. First of all, you should not starve yourself and sit on different diets, which typically provide only a temporary result and after completion you will, probably gain even more weight than before, needless to say the pain and suffering of depriving yourself. Here we give you very powerful and simple advices which will help you to lose weight and hold on to it.

How to lose weight

Eat smaller portions but more frequently

By doing so you sort of cheat your body, but in the clever way, only benefiting yourself. The secret of this mechanism lies in our historical past. In ancient times people were mostly struggling with hunger rather than overeating. Remember, a feeling of fullness always comes later, not while we eat and, since we live in modern times, we should not be concern about absence or amount of food available. It is known that with extra body weight sense of fullness increases over time. That is why fat people eat more – they just do not feel a sense of satisfaction.

By following this advice and adopting the habit to eat more often, five – seven times a day but small portions, little by little we begin to control our appetite and losing weight! So, after breakfast, let s say at 7 am, within two or three hours get something light so your lunch could be not as heavy as usually. And do the same throughout the day. This way we teach our bodies that there is no need to store the food as a reserve because we eat very often.

How to lose weight

The Tao wisdom says: Drink your food and chew your beverages.
This is a very simple and effective way to control your appetite which will not let you eat too much and ensure the proper digestion and utilization of the nutrients thereby benefiting your body tremendously by eliminating unnecessary work and losing weight. Doctors recommend making eighteen chewing movements before swallowing the food.

There is another little secret for your gorgeous figure and secret of losing weight:

How to lose weight

Never eat after 6, a maximum of 7 PM

By following this advice you can keep a slender figure for a lifetime and not even gain extra weight during cold seasons. As we know, all brilliant ideas are very simple! I tried this method  myself as well as  many of my slim friends and it really works! The only thing that you can afford after 6 –7 p.m. is tea or water. It is best to drink green tea. (You probably know that green tea helps lose weight. It is known that drinking green tea every day will help you to lose one pound of excess body weight in 1-2 months and up to 6-12 pounds in a year! This is really great news for women!)

So, if you start following this simple advise never eat after 6 p.m., very soon you will start notice that you are really losing weight! And of course, by allowing drinking tea, and we mean tea ONLY without buns, rolls or muffins. A little honey would be OK.

Drink more for your perfect weight

Water can play a significant role in losing weight because of the way it revs up our metabolism and hydrates cells so that they can process carbohydrates and fat more efficiently.

Drinking plenty of water is just as important as choosing the right food to eat when you want to lose weight. You can drink water cold or lukewarm, as it suits your personal taste. Drinking distilled or natural sparkling spring water is the best.

How much should I drink? The rule of thumb is a half-ounce of water for every pound of weight, at least 8 glasses a day. Along with losing weight you are also helping your body flush out toxins and preserve health and eternal youth!

Of course, regularly sipping on my water bottle means I have to visit the restroom more often, but that s small inconvenience comparing how much good for my body I do make, right? Only remember, you should not drink water (or other liquid) immediately after meals. Be sure to wait at least a half an hour or an hour. Therefore, it is best to drink water between meals and prior.

So, always have a bottle of water with yourself, drink plenty and you will lose weight!

Love yourself and your body

Our thoughts are very powerful weapon for making our dreams and desires true. If you really want to lose weight, you need to learn to communicate with your body and even more importantly, listen to it. For example, during the meal mentally talk to every cell of your body. Explain to them that you love each of them and care. Moreover, send your love to every cell of your body, and especially to fat cells, by imagining beautiful pink etheric color coming from your heart and penetrating every part of your body. By doing so, I bet you, that pretty soon your body will respond to you and will follow your desires to look better by losing weight.

Also always try to eat in a relaxed atmosphere with no hurry. Scientists have proved that the positive emotions at the meal significantly reduce the appetite.

Here is another little hint for you on how to lose weight. Every night before you go to sleep talk to your body and especially to all the fat cells in different parts of your body where you d like to lose weight. First of all, thank them for their work and then ask them to leave you. You can say it in such words: “I thank you, my dear body and all the fat cells on my hips and belly for your work and help you ve done for me! And I ask you to leave me now. I ask every extra fat cell to dissolve now. I am in my perfect weight of 125 pounds (or your desired weight) now. I love myself.” You can choose your own words but the meaning should be close to written above.

We wish you to lose weight as you desire and, please read more our articles on how to lose weight.

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