How to increase happiness in life
How to increase happiness in life

Ways to happiness

New research: The 4 essential ways to happiness!

How to increase happiness in life

What separates people whose lives are full of joy from those who feel constantly stressed? A growing body of research reveals it’s not that they have time or money to indulge their happiness in life and every wish – it’s that they know exactly how to avoid several happiness-stealing, energy-draining situations that pop up all the time! Want to be as joyful and find out their ways to happiness? It’s easy, psychologists say, just try making a few simple swaps and you’ll know how to increase happiness in life…

Fall Asleep in 7 Minutes!

1.   How to increase happiness in life: Instead of going Dutch…  Treat a friend!

If you have a chance to buy a friend an ice cream cone, do it! This is one of the ways to happiness. People who spend as little as $5 on others – or donate that same amount to a charity – are happier than those who splurge on themselves, reveals University of British Colombia research. Generosity lights up the pleasure center of your brain and makes you feel more connected to others, which together set off a ripple effect that’s like earning compound interest on your ways to happiness.

*        Boost the benefit by… Recalling your generosity!

Think back to a time when you did a good deed or donated a few dollars – the memory will deliver an instant joy-boost, reveals a brand-new joint study by researchers at Harvard Business School and the University of British Colombia!

2.   How to increase happiness in life: Instead of a heart-pounding pastime… Go for serene experiences!

Think exciting experiences – like braving a ride on a roller coaster or diving off the high board – deliver the most satisfaction ways to happiness? Not so! According to a recent study, once we get past our frenetic teen years, we tend to get more happiness from more peaceful pastimes. While exciting pursuits give you a momentary lift, calmer activities – like playing Scrabble with you kids or sipping lemonade on the porch – really ways to happiness, stir feelings of nostalgia and contentment, which allay anxiety and increases “life satisfaction.”

*        Boost the benefit by… Heading outdoors!

Whether you stroll around neighborhood or have a picnic in the park, spending as little as 5 minutes surrounded by lush greenery slashes stress, reduces blood pressure and boost happiness for hours afterward! That is a real ways to happiness!

How to increase happiness in life
How to increase happiness in life


3.   How to increase happiness in life: Instead of buying things… Invest in memories!

Got a few dollars to spare? Spend them on a memory-making experience – say, a family trip to the beach – suggests psychologist Ryan Howell, Ph.D. “A material item will eventually wear out, but memories of a new event will continue to shine brightly in your mind, and even improve over time, giving you lots of happiness.” After surveying almost 10,000 people, Howell discovered that those who “bought” experiences (instead of stuff!) were not only happier, they were more resistant to stress!

*        Boost the benefit by… Doing something new!

Sharing any new experiences – like trying the Asian café that just opened – with friends or family is so bonding ways to happiness, it’s more pleasurable than visiting regular hangouts, making you feel  blessed.

How to increase happiness in life
How to increase happiness in life


4. How to increase happiness in life: Instead of holding a drudge… Forgive someone!

Do you still see red every time you think about your neighbor not returning that crock pot you lent her last year? Let it go, urge researchers. Focus instead on the benefits that have come your way from being crackles! In one study, folks who did that – thinking, for example, that it had led them to master several delicious stir-fries – enjoyed immediate happiness: They smiled more, saw a healthy dip in blood pressure and enjoyed an uptick in joy that lasted long after the study ended!Fall Asleep in 7 Minutes! So, when you think of how to bring more happiness in your life, look inside yourself and find person you need to forgive.

*        Bonus! The simple act of forgiveness is proven to improve self-confidence by restoring your sense of control and it sharpens your focus by stimulating the problem-solving part of your brain!

How to increase happiness in life
How to increase happiness in life


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