Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or want to reignite the excitement with your mate, our relationship gurus offer the fun and effective ways to rev the passion in your life!

1.   Find Mr. Right!

Volunteer . . . in sweats!

Volunteering can not only help bring couples closer, says marriage and family life expert Gary Chapman, Ph.D., it’s also a great way to meet Mr. Right in the first place, adds relationship expert Leslie Parrott, Ph.D. “Shared service is a love-builder,” she says. Some of the best “builders”? Volunteer activities where you might break a sweat—be it building houses or planting daffodils in the local park. Research suggests getting a little dirty or sweaty lowers inhibitions between men and women and makes honest communication easier!

Quiz potential dates!

Instead of sticking with the screen name that dating sites give you (Lisa134) personalize it: (LisaBrakesforKittens). Stumped on a name? Just think about your favorite song for inspiration—then “quiz” potential dates about it. “If your handle is BlueJeanBaby, for example, ask a question in your pro! le about it, like ‘Blue Jean Baby is a seamstress for which band?’ ” suggests cyber-dating expert Julie Spira. Your inbox will get  ” ooded with answers because men love to show off what they know!

find your Mr. Right


Post this photo online!

Sure, it makes sense to include a closeup shot of yourself on dating sites, but what’s the  other  mustpost photo? A picture of you doing something you love, reveals Spira. “If you love to travel, include a shot of yourself standing in front of the Grand Canyon,” she says. An instant online conversation-starter, a photo of you and your passion is the first step to finding romantic passion!

2. Revive the romance in your marriage!

Do something new!

“Out-of-the-box experiences release the same love hormones as when you were first falling for each other!” says Parrott. In fact, one study shows couples who did a 20-minute obstacle course together experienced a greater “love high” than those at a romantic dinner! No need to jump over hurdles: “Just take a walk in a new neighborhood,” says Parrot.

Ask him a question!

An amazing 75% of couples report a romance dip after the birth of their first child. The surprising secret of the other lovey-dovey 25%? “They simply continue to ask their partners questions about themselves,” says Parrott. Is your husband’s favorite meal still chili or has he moved on to sushi? Try asking and see if the sparks don’t fly!

Say hi . . . first!

Simply greet your mate when he comes through the door. “It’s that  first minute that sets the emotional tone, studies show,” says Parrott. A kiss on the cheek or a touch on the arm is all it takes!


3 Fun ways to get closer!

Give him two pet names!

Pet names foster a more intimate bond. The more “cute-isms” the better, so give your guy two: One that reflects his traits and another that reflects a shared memory. You might call him “Cupcake” because he’s sweet and “MonkeyCuddles” for that time he won a stuffed monkey for you at the carnival!

Watch Modern Family!

“Laughter is like a vitamin for intimacy,” declares Parrott. So just do what she and her husband of 25 years do: Watch a sitcom together. “We can bring up a joke we saw on Modern Family and use it for weeks to make each other laugh,” smiles Parrott. Watching couples laugh with (and at!) each other on TV melts stress and boosts romance in part by reminding you of the fun times you’ve shared with your partner!

—Kristina Mastrocola


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