Is there any link between sexuality and man appearance? Scientists and women are fighting over this issue for a century. There is a dozen myths about male sexuality. If we’ll believe in the most common of them, then passionate macho should be bald with crooked legs and a big nose. But is it really true? STD Tests

Myth: The big nose means an impressive manhood.

The truth: there is no regularity between the sizes of these parts of the man’s body. However, some impact on the male sexuality from the nose is still confirmed by doctors’ otolaryngologists. It turns out that the owners of a big nose usually have quite a pleasant tone of voice that has hypnotizing effect on women as we all know that the woman love by ears. Therefore, such men are more popular around women. The conclusion is that the size of the nose is associated only with the visual appeal of the stronger sex, but not its potency and intimate anatomy. Increase your Sex Drive and Libido with Alpha Viral from HFL Solutions – 100% Natural!

The thumb

Myth: The size and shape of the man’s dignity can show the appearance of his thumb.

The truth: Urologists as well women with a quite reach intimate life experience confirm that this myth is quite true. If man’s thumb expands towards its nail, then his dignity has an impressive crown. If the thumb gets narrowed toward the nail, the same can be expected from a man’s penis.

Shoe size

Myth: The 45th (Europe)/ 13th (USA) shoe size is a sure sign of male sexual endurance.

The truth: This is an absolute lie. Here important is not the size of the foot but the length of the entire leg. The shorter man’s legs in comparison to his stature, the more restless he is in bed. There is a clear physiological basis behind it, – an abundance of androgens. Their abundance in adolescence inhibits the growth of long bones and the body which continues to grow in width. The conclusion is that a man with short legs will not let you get bored on the love bed. Give the gift of wellness with gift certificates from!


Myth: The “bush” on the body – evidence of a hot temper.

The truth: Excessive rough male body is a clear sign of problems with the adrenal glands. Enhanced functioning of these glands in a young age leads to early puberty, however, it is also leads to the extinction of the reproductive system much quicker too. Despite this, in this myth is the fraction of the truth. You should look not on his chest, arms or back, but on the hair grows from the belly button  down to the crotch. The more curly hair in that line the greater testicular testosterone is in men. This is a hormone that is responsible for his sexual power and sexual temperament.


Myth: The less hair the more sexual power he has.

The truth: The theory “bald lover is an excellent lover” is true, but only if the man began to rapidly lose his hair before he reached 30 years of age, and the reason for this is not a radiation, but increased production of androgens.

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