Coffee: Is it good or Bad?Organic coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet. 90% of Americans start their day with a cup of coffee. Maybe you don’t know but first coffee were sold in Europe in drugstores as a medicine. But not everybody believes in coffee as “The elixir of vitality.” Moreover, many people think that this drink brings significant harm to our health. Let’s look  at the coffee more closely

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Beneficial properties of coffee

– Just cup of coffee a day can bring benefit to health. After all, coffee beans contain a large amount of vitamins and trace elements: Iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and sulfur. Coffee beans also contain more than 30 organic acids. It is proved that a cup of coffee contains about 20% of the daily need for of the group F vitamins.

– Organic coffee normalizes the central nervous system.
– Coffee increases blood level of so-called “good” cholesterol.
– Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that drinking just one 2-3 cups of coffee prevents the formation of gallstones and reduces the risk of gallstones by 30%, while at the same time protect against the Top Brands Delivered to Your Door. Click here!

– Coffee is an excellent antidepressant thanks to the “happiness hormone” serotonin content. Just 2 cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of depression in three times. According to statistics, coffee lovers are much less likely to commit suicide than their opponents.

– In addition, it was found that a cup of coffee a day can significantly prolong the female sexual activity after age of 50.

– Nutritional value of coffee is really small; there are only 18 calories per 1 cup of coffee.

Every cup of coffee improves mood

Those who should not have coffee

Drinking lots of coffee may cause dizziness, headaches and insomnia.
Coffee drinking is not recommended for people with coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, kidney disease, glaucoma, high blood pressure, irritability and insomnia.

Coffee beans contain tannins, which are “dry” gastric mucosa. Therefore, it should not be drinking on an empty stomach. For the same reason it is contraindicated people with ulcer. the Top Brands Delivered to Your Door. Click here!

Coffee can cause physical dependence. People who used to excessive coffee drinking and then decide to refuse it, may experience headaches, drowsiness, lethargy, confusion, irritability and nausea. That’s why physicians advise to give up coffee gradually.
Older people and children should not drink coffee.


Not all coffee properties are yet been studied well

Some scientists argue that more than six cups of coffee a day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease by 71%. Others are saying that coffee good for heart health as the prevention of disease. it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug. Click here!

Can pregnant women drink coffee? Scientists have not agreed on this subject up until now. At one time it was assumed that coffee can even cause miscarriage. Today doctors have concluded that there are no serious harm of coffee for the future mother and the baby. Although pregnant woman should not take high doses of caffeine because of its stimulation of the central nervous system and of effects of calcium metabolism in the body.

Many fans of coffee using it as an energy drink, believing that it increases the work capacity and fatigue, some even believe that coffee affects brain activity. Most studies indeed have shown that caffeine improves blood flow to the brain and as a psychomotor stimulant increases the brain activity.

Indian scientists claim that coffee may protect people from radiation. Therefore, Indian doctors recommend for everyone who works with sources of radiation (radiographers, radiologists, etc.), to drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day. European doctors have not commented this study yet.

Expert Opinion

from Natalia Kalinchenko, MD, nutritionist, endocrinologist

It is a myth that coffee can help to lose weight. Coffee is really speeds up the fat burning in the body, interfering with digestion and speeding up the metabolism. But in a very small degree: 4 cups of coffee a day can only activate the metabolism in 1%. it Easy to Fill your Coffee Mug. Click here!
Some people prefer to drink decaf coffee. However, scientists have proved that if a person deprives himself from all caffeine containing products (like coffee, tea or chocolate), then he increases the possibilities of headaches and irritability. Therefore, according to scientists, we need a daily amount of caffeine contained in two cups of coffee, three cups of tea or half of dark chocolate bar. Dan’s Chocolates

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