The top 5 most common causes of why women cheat

Psychologists have named the five most common reasons of why women cheat.

And if men would keep it in their mind, probably the majority of women’s cheating and, therefore, divorces could have been avoided.

According to psychologists the most common reason of why women cheat is because of the coldness of her husband. Cold husband pushes his wife to look for warmness tenderness in other man arms.

Second reason of why women cheat is to take revenge for the betrayal of her husband, though usually it won’t bring a relief.

Third on the list of reasons why women cheat is a women’s strong sexual temperament which makes her to seek more intimacy on the side.

Fourth reason of why women cheat is banal boredom and lack of passion in the marriage.

And finally the fifth reason of why women cheat is meeting a new love, forcing her to forget that she has a husband.

Every man should have this list be hung on the mirror, so he never forgets about it.

As we see the psychology of women’s infidelity is not so difficult and complex and it all somehow connected with the man and his relationship to his beloved. Therefore, if a man wants to be the only owner of this luxury jewel – his wife, then he must appreciate her, love and respect and their marriage will be happily ever after.