Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party


The office Christmas party is littered with pitfalls. One in five workers wakes up to a pile of regrets to go with their hangover, with a third kissing a colleague under the mistletoe at the office Christmas party, and one in 10 admitting to a workmate that they fancy them. Follow our office Christmas party rules of behavior for your Christmas bash – and walk away unscathed…

#1 Rule for office Christmas party: DRESS UP – but not down-and-out. It’s probably best not to turn up as ‘Mrs Saucy Santa’/ If you’re new ask someone who went last year what everyone wears.

#2 Rule for office Christmas party: TIMING IS EVERYTHING. Don’t be the first or the last to arrive to the office Christmas party, and make a graceful exit before it gets messy. You don’t want to be the one clutching an empty bottle, warbling Last Christmas, come 3am.

#3 Rule for office Christmas party: IT’S CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, NOT ‘SPIRITS’. Let your hair down – but don’t overdo it. It’s basically an office Christmas party thrown by your boss, so behave as if you’re in her (his) house, rather than in your local.

#4 Rule for office Christmas party: PLAY IT COOL. Now’s not the time to tell your favorite dirty joke and photocopy your bum.

#5 Rule for office Christmas party: DON’T WORRY. If you do behave badly on the office Christmas party, hopefully everyone else is as drunk as you and behave worse!

We hope that our rules for your office Christmas party will help you this year to stay cool!

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