Advice on relationships

Even if you’ve heard these advises on relationship many times, think if you are really using it. To know and to do is not the same thing…

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#1 Advice on relationships

 Trust your man

For some women it is easier to give her body than soul. Do not be afraid to trust your man! Nobody advice you to tell him your whole life story on the very first date. But the ways to build a relationship are directly related to trust issues. So, our number one advice on relationships is to be open first and the result will surprise you!


#2 How to better your relationship

Show sincere interest in man

Discuss his subjects with great concern. Men are much more complicated than women to put their reasoning and feelings into words. And so they “scroll” twenty times in their minds conversation with the chief or suppliers trying to figure out on their own. And what sees a woman? – Tense face and the lack of interest in her.

So, here are our number two advice on relationships: Teach your man to share with you and show honest interest in him.


#3 Ways to build a relationship

 Compliment man

Only don’t compliment something that you really dislike in him. But find something what you honestly admire in him for and say it, don’t be shy! Men love compliments!


#4 Advice on relationships

Appreciate him

Your man is probably somewhat more effective than other colleagues on the floor.

Otherwise it would not be your man. Now you need only to find it, and like the previous advice on relationship, you need to say to your man how much you appreciate him.

Here is a significant difference: the praise should be on a grand, global scale, so to speak.


#5 Advice on relationships

Giving up in small, winning in a big

If the issue is not critical for you it is better to give up and make it the way it’s comfortable for your man. Well, you put back his comb in the place or close the tube of toothpaste after him.

If you will give up in such small things then there is a good chance that when you’ll need something really important to you, he will be on your side.


#6 Advice on relationships

Let the man to be alone sometimes

We all have moments when we just want to be alone by ourselves. And lots of men need some time for being alone. So, leave him and go shopping or do some housework! When he’ll be back, he’ll be much happier man.


#7 How to better your relationship

 Improve yourself

Be a woman that is interesting to be with. Read, learn something new so you can make a conversation on different subjects. This is one of the most powerful and secret ways to improve relationship and to stay long in relationship.

#8 Ways to improve relationship

Allow yourself to be with him a real Woman

Whatever they saying of the modern women emancipating that can move mountains, but for a strong relationship it is very helpful to develop real femininity.

Then the man would be nothing left with but to develop his masculinity.


#9 Advice on relationships

 Listen, listen and hear your man

This is a very important advice on relationships. If you think that you are the smartest and know everything, and listen to a man is only to spend some time, than forget about strong relationship.

Learn the ability to listen to your man. Sometimes it is not the words spoken by him, but the actions that speak louder.


#10 Advice on relationships

Give your man what he could not receive from other women.

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If you use these advices on relationships, believe me, you will give your man just the perfect relationship he ever wanted!

Good Luck!

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