SHAKE OFF 10 LBS by Memorial Day

On the “carb smart” plan that melts belly fat!

With the clock ticking down to the official start of swimsuit season, it’s time for a code-red diet. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this article. Created by William Davis, M.D., the mega-crush starts with his bestselling waist-shrinking Wheat Belly diet, adds the proven quick-results power of shakes – and liquefies flab with amazing speed. Dr. Davis predicts it can help many of us drop 10 pounds before Memorial Day. In fact, some women whisked off 10 pounds in a single week. “These shakes blow Slim-Fast out of the water. They’re much more scrumptious and they work much better,” says Melinda, 33. “I could literally feel my body shrinking!”


If you’ve been on a shake diet before, you know the drill: You get a shake for breakfast, another for lunch and sensible dinner. It sounds easy, and it is – which is one big reason experts say shakes set up to succeed. The creamy drinks are typically come loaded with anti-flab nutrients (like protein to rev metabolism and vitamin C to boost fat burning). Plus, shakes are a type of food we aren’t inclined to overeat. And it all up, and you get a weight-loss tool so potent, researchers have found two shakes meals daily makes an ordinary diet doubly effective.

So how has Dr. Davis taken shakes to next level? First by keeping carbs moderate, a factor proven to rev fat-burning hormones. And his secret “ingredient”, is actually what you don’t add: Every item in plan, right, is wheat-free. “Based on growing scientific research and what I’ve seen in the real world, cutting what is the single most powerful thing can do for weight loss,” the doctor insists.


Dr. Davis says type of wheat eaten today – which was developed less than 50 years ago by genetic scientists – produces very fat crops and very fat bellies. “The plant has been radically altered, university studies show that modern wheat raises blood sugar more than table sugar does.” Why should we care? Because blood-sugar spikes trigger surges in insulin, a hormone that promotes fat storage – particularly in the abdominal area. And while insulin is in your system, it blocks your body from burning stored fat. “ If your insulin levels are chronically high, no diet will work for you and you’’ always have ab fat,” says Dr. Davis. “For years, dieters have been told to cut sugar. But cutting wheat is actually the smarter move.”
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There’s more: In addition to creating a belly-flattering hormonal balance, cutting wheat also makes eating less feel natural. Turns out appetite stimulant called gliadin. “Lose the wheat, lower your appetite,” says Dr. Davis.


The bottom line: When you use a wheat-free approach and shakes together, you’re layering one amazing weight-loss shortcut on top of another. “It might sound too good to be true,” says Dr. Davis, “but I’ve found it works for almost everyone.”



Here are Dr. Davis top picks…

The super ingredient How it blasts fat How it boosts health
Whey protein All proteins boost metabolism, but none fights hunger better that whey, says Purdue researchers. One study found blood pressure drops an average of six points when folks include whey in their meals daily.
Coconut milk Coconut contains a fatty acid found to rev metabolism by as much as 65%! One study found coconut eaters had 9% better “good cholesterol” than coconut skippers.
Nuts Thanks to metabolism-spiking good fats, nuts can help dieters lose up to 62% more weight. One study found “happiness hormones” were 15% higher in nut eaters.
Berries Antioxidants in berries have been shown to improve levels of fat-storage hormones by almost 70%! Exciting preliminary research shows that when cancer cells are doused with a solution made from berries, berry antioxidants destroy about 90% of the cancer!



–      Start with shakes. You’ll have one shake for breakfast and another for lunch. Look for a shake that weighs in at under 200 calories and is both low in carbs and free of maltodextrin (a sweetener that may contain wheat). Dr. Davis has also found that shakes with limited dairy ingredients seem to help dieters lose fastest. Brands to try: EAS Myoplex Lite ready-made shakes and Jillian  Michael’s whey protein mix.

–      Snack on veggie and good fat. Go for a serving (about 100 calories) of nuts, nut butter, guacamole, hummus, even olive oil vinaigrette. Enjoy with unlimited nonstarchy veggies.

–      Have a sensible wheat-free dinner. Dish up unlimited lean protein, unlimited nonstarchy veggies, a bit of god fat and small serving of healthy wheat-free carbs (such as sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa or beans). Though cutting wheat has the biggest impact, limiting even wheat-free carbs will lead to fastest weight loss.