Everyone knows that running not only helps to stay slim, but generally promotes health and prolongs years of life. But in today’s hectic lifestyle it is difficult to find time for yourself and for your health. We often make an excuses like “I can’t run in the morning, it’s too early to wake up, perhaps in the evening?”

Evening is the perfect time of the day for running or jogging. Evening cardio helps our body to de-stress after a busy day and also provide healthy dreams and rest at night. Usually you have mild fatigue after work and feel like you want to lie down and relax, but all the life processes are still running in full force and effect, and our brain also continues to scroll through the events of the day. At this point it is important completely switch your mind for coming night relaxation and to clear all your busy thoughts. And for that reason the best time to do cardio will be the evening run. Cardio is like the completion of the day, it gives intensified pressure on the muscles and sets you in a positive way before bedtime. And what could be better than to go to bed in a good mood?

But if you are planning to start running for losing weight, then the best time to do cardio is in the morning. Your body will receive the necessary double pressure coming from the running itself plus from a quick wake up stress. For this purpose evening time does not work. If you want to lose weight you will need a good hour to two hours of running with different intensity.

Of course, such training will produce the desired effect, and at the same time your body adjusts to receive further strain which will lead you into a state of readiness and enhance the muscle tone. And this is not desired condition before the bed time. If you’ll continue running late evenings than gradually, you may develop insomnia, which may affect your ability to work and lead to depression.

Best time to do cardio and to jog in the evening with the approximate rate of 4-5 miles per hour for 20-30 minutes. These workouts are beneficial for the heart, it makes heart work stronger, improves blood circulation and metabolism. During regular training the blood vessels gets cleaned up and those which has been atrophied due to lack of movement, start grow new blood vessels which gives the access to the weak organs and promotes it’s healing and renewal.

Evening jogging is the perfect way to rejuvenate your body. At the same time it can easily be substitute to the ordinary evening walk, which will not make the body to overwork, so your sleep will not be affected.

Here are a few simple rules which should be followed when you start running. You should run regularly and systematically. So, if you have a solid decision to start running then determine three or four days of the week and time when you are going to run.

This time should be sacred to you, skipping the workout can be only in extreme cases. If you are not sure that you can give 2-3 hours a week for running, it is better not to start at all.

Gradually increase duration and intensity of your running exercises. If you have serious intentions, then it best to buy special that will calculate your heart rate, notify of overload and achieving goals.

Pay attention to your diet. It should be balanced so that the body receives all the necessary proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you run to lose weight, control the amount of received and burned calories during the run. Do not eat immediately before running. If you jog right after work, then drink a cup of yogurt or juice, or eat some fruits. You can have a full meal about an hour after jogging. Either you can start jogging after 30-40 minutes after dinner.

Try never to run just before going to bed. Exercises, cold shower afterwards may be incorrectly perceived by the body, and you may have trouble falling asleep.