Lose Weight in the bath!

Do you think this is impossible? I assure you, it is possible to  achieve the cherished ideal figure without restricting your diet, without exhausting yourself with physical exercises.

How to Lose Weight in the Bath

1. Collect warm water in the bathtub. The temperature should not exceed 97- 100 F. Make a warm bath, where you can lie down for from 15-20 minutes up to several hours (of course make sure  that water is not cool!).

2. Our herb bath will include: how to lose weight in the bath

 a) Chamomile.

Chamomile is a beautiful flower, symbol of purity, innocence, femininity and simplicity. It cleanses skin perfectly, gives it its white color, heals all the scratches and skin cracks. You can also rinse your hair with chamomile decoction and you will not recognize your hair! But those with blond hair need to know that chamomile decoction can stain your hair in a slightly yellowish! But it is really great treatment for the  skin of the face and the body!

b) Nettle
There are a lot of talk about the healing properties of the nettle that you are probably have heard. So, do not be afraid to add this herb to your bath and it will benefit your beauty.

c) Bur-Marigold Herb
So what, that many consider it a weed. And if it’s not a place in the gardens, but for our beauty it’s a welcome guest. Bur-Marigold herb will cleanse your skin better than any scrub, every time allowing your skin to shine with renewed clarity.

d) Celandine (Chelidonium majus).

The very name of this herb with tiny little yellow flowers speak for itself! Celadine is a real master of skin cleansing and rejuvenation. If you add just a few leaves of celadine to the tea and drink it regularly it will cleanse your whole body from all the toxins and wastes, which are often the cause of obesity. Just be careful: celandine is such a plant, though it is not poisonous, but has rather strong properties – no wonder it is used even in oncology. While you need just 1-2 leaves of celadine for your tea, you will need a good 2-3 tbs of dry herb for the bath.

Also, these herbs are very good for the bath:

-Black currant
-Clover (it can be with little white and red – both are useful for us).
-Knotweed (curly grass that grows under the feet)
-Branches and leaves of Viburnum
-The branches of spruce, fir, pine

3. Now you might think already how to lose weight in the bath, so lets make our miracle decoction from all of these herbs.  Put them into a large enamel pot, pour boiled water, set on fire and bring to a boil and boil it over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Now remove the container from the fire, insist it for 40-50 minutes and then filter.

4. Pour our herb decoction into the bath, bring the volume of water to the desired level and let go swim!

How do we  achieve the effect of weight loss? How to Lose Weight in the Bath?

The decoction of herbs regulates metabolism in our body, it removes the harmful compounds and toxins through the enlarged skin pores in a warm water and purifies them. It also removes old skin cells which have served their purpose and only give the skin a dull unhealthy appearance. You will see how your skin after the very first herb bath will get more elastic and silky. After several treatments you will notice that your body begins to dispose excess of body fat. You are actually losing weight! And all that without a mockery on yourself!

You, dear women, with the help of these herbal baths are giving your body the care, feeding and need, and your body in response make you look younger and blossoms, cleaned and rid of  all that “garbage” fat!